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Version: 8.2F (2019/10/08)

Redirection software that allows you to redirect data between these components: serial port RS232, mouse, USB, TCP Port, virtual keyboard and keyboard buffer. This software is perfect for barcode reader applications or other serial data capture devices having a standard RS232 serial interface and/or TCP Ethernet connection. To control protocol you can send answers to TCP and/or Serial Port.

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Features included

° Debugger / sniffer / monitor
° Macro Commands (Hot Key)
° Mouse control emulator
° Kiosk mode
° Support
keyboard; AZERTY QWERTY...
VT-100 Telnet server (Physical Inventory Counting, Data acquisition)

° Specific ASCII Characters removing feature
Support Scale RS232, Ethernet and USB
Barcode Scanner, RFID Proximity,AWID
Bioscrypt fingerprint V-Pass FX reader
° Password protected configuration
USB Infrared remote control receiver
° Formatting / Filtering and Parsing data
° Compatible with DOS softwares (Window)

° Control multiple serial , TCP / UDP Ethernet ports
° Sends data to default or specific application
** POS, Excel, Word, or your own customized software
° Laboratory information management system ( LIMS )
Support iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
° Support
Bluetooth devices
° Lost or interrupted Bluetooth and USB device connections are restored automatically.

Allows creation of Virtual Keyboards: Each button key stands alone and can appear when related window is activated. Each button can send data to Keyboard buffer, TCP, Serial Port, Mouse and/or to a file. Possibility of change or add Buttons on a existing application. Perfect to control your TouchScreen application.

Bill Redirect Full interface (Trial): BillRedirect interface
Bill Redirect Lite interface (Trial): BillRedirect interface
Download documentation (manuals, tutorials)

Compatible: Windows 98, XP, XPe, NT4, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

View Full Interface

View Lite Interface

Full Version License: 45$ CAD
* You can use your license with the Lite and Full interface.

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Version: 1.0Q (05/06/2014)

Microsoft Excel plugin

This free resident plugin software creates a real-time connection between BillRedirect and your Microsoft Excel.

Download: View

Download instruction manual: Manual.pdf

Version: 1.0F (01/09/2015)

Web Browser plugin

This free resident plugin software creates a direct bidirectional communication between your peripherals and your Web Browser application. Can display the web browser in full screen and hide Windows start menu. Compatible with HTML and Javascript.

Download:Plugin_Web View

Download instruction manual: Manual.pdf

Version: 1.0D (17/03/2009)

Serial Port over Ethernet plugin

This free resident plugin software, opens a Serial Port connection with your serial peripheral and redirect the data to Bill Redirect software over a Ethernet TCP connection. With this solution, you can connect a serial peripheral on a computer and receive the data at another computer.

Download: View

Download instruction manual: Manual.pdf