Bill Serial Port over Ethernet
Version 1.0C and more
Documentation: 10/02/2009
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This free resident plugin software, open a Serial Port connection with your serial
peripheral and redirect the data to Bill Redirect application over a Ethernet TCP
connection. With this solution, you can connect a serial peripheral on a computer
and receive the data to a other computer.
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 98,Me,2000,3000,XP,NT4,Vista
Simply the best Serial Port over Ethernet application available !
* This free plugin work with Bill Redirect version 2.0U and more.
Don't forget to push the Save Configuration button to save your current setting.
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The Status:
CONNECT, The connection is establish with Bill Redirect software.
RESET, Reset the TCP connection.
ERROR, Can't establish the connection.
You can see the error if you place your mouse cursor to the status field
LISTEN, The TCP port wait until the application Bill Redirect open the connection.
The IP:
In this field you can see the IP address of your computer.
The Port:
In this field enter the TCP PORT.
The button Reset:
Press on this button to reset the TCP communication.
The Comm #:
Use this field to chose the serial port number
(where your peripheral is connected)
The Comm #:
If the back color field is GREEN, it's because the COM is present and available.
The Config:
Use this field to sets the baud rate, parity, data bit, and stop bit parameters.
* Example:
Valid baud rates: 110, 300, 600, 1200, 2400,
, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 128000, 256000
Valid parity:
E = Even, M = Mark,
= None, O = Odd, S = Space
Valid data bit:
4, 5, 6, 7,
Valid stop bit:
, 1.5, 2
The button Save Configuration:
Save your current setting.
The button Close:
To close this software.
To connect a serial peripheral on a computer and receive the data to a other computer
Use this configuration:
In Bill Redirect application use this configuration:
- Section KEYBOARD BUFFER: Set the switch to: OFF
- Section 'Plugin' press on the button 'Configuration'
- At question #1 IP enter the IP address that you can see in the application
'Bill V.Serial Port over Eth. (plugin)'
- At question #2 Port enter the same port number that you use in the application
'Bill V.Serial Port over Eth. (plugin)'
- Set to ON the switch to activate the reception of the data
Bill Virtual Serial Port over Ethernet (plugin) configuration:
* You can use BillRedirect and the plugin on the same computer.
* You can use BillRedirect on a computer and the plugin on another computer.
For more flexibility or options contact
Send your request by e-mail to:
Computer # 1
Computer # 2
Bill Redirect
Bill Serial Port over Eth.