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BillRedirect Software Description
Inputs data from any RS232 Serial Keypads or Keyboards directly into any Windows programs as if it was typed in using the current keyboard.

No programming or additional hardware required !

Features included
  • Debugger
  • System Tray running
  • Mouse control
  • Support RS232 serial Storm Keypads and Keyboards
  • Control multiple Keypads on the same computer
  • Serial port over Ethernet
  • 100% accurate and 100% reliable
  • Password protected configuration
  • Support Ethernet TCP interface Keypad / Keyboard
  • Individual keys configuration
  • Specific keys removing feature
  • Windows API keyboard 32 Buffer or OCX
  • Sends data to default or specific application
    (POS, database, Excel, Word, or your own customized software)


Simply the best keypads software available !

Full Version License only: 45$ CAD
* You can use your license with the Lite and Full interface.

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Bill Redirect software (Trial Version): (Windows 98,Me,2000,3000,XP,NT4, Vista)
Step by Step documentation: Storm_step by step.pdf
Full instruction manual: Manual.pdf
Software Screen Shot: View main Screen Shot

Excel DDE Plugin, Serial Port over Ethernet, Virtual Serial port
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