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Access RS232 devices over Bluetooth Wireless and TCPIP with BlueConsole and Bill-Redirect

BlueConsole is a Bluetooth Serial Adapter that provides true wireless Bluetooth access to conventional RS232 ports. Using BlueConsole with Bill-Redirect Software, enables BlueConsole Bluetooth RS232 device to communicate with your Windows applications. This allows information to be entered directly into Windows programs as if it was typed in using the keyboard. Input serial data directly into EXCEL and POS Programs. It is extremely easy to use and 100% reliable.
  • Inputs data from any RS232 device
  • Very easy to use - one screen, one minute set-up (Free support).
  • 100% accurate and 100% reliable.
  • Control multi BlueConsole on the same computer.
  • Adds keystrokes, if required, to automate data entry.
  • Supports password protection of set-up files.
  • Fully compatible with any PC or laptop.
  • Sophisticated data parsing and filtering
  • Advanced keystroke macro insertion before and after your data
  • Date & time stamping of your serial data
  • Powerful DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) support Microsoft Excel
  • Optional disk file logging of serial data
  • Full 2-way serial I/O to send data and commands out to your serial devices...
  • No programming required !

BillRedirect Application example

BillRedirect allows redirection of a Serial/COM Port to a TCP/IP socket or a file. It allows you to use your PC as a TCP/Telnet server linked to a Serial/COM port on your PC. It is a particularly insteresting application when used with a Blueconsole adapter. It allows a remote LAN/WAN/Internet IP user to Telnet to your PC and reach your Blueconsole adapter COM port. So it redirects from TCPIP/Telnet, to a COM port, then to Blueconsole.

  • You can download this application as a Demo Trial Version:
  • The application will launch into your Windows tray.
  • You must type "" as the Password to use it.
  • Click the "On" switch valve on the Serial Port, and enter your Blueconsole Outgoing COM port number.
  • Then click the "On" switch valve on TCP Port and select "Server".
  • The default TCP socket for Listening is 3333 so that is the Port you should telnet into (e.g. "telnet 3333")
  • Upon connecting via telnet, you will be redirected to the Serial Port/Blueconsole.
  • To exit the application, type "end" in the Password field.

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Bill Redirect software (Trial Version): (Windows 98,Me,2000,3000,XP,NT4, Vista)
Virtual serial port to communicate with your Bluetooth peripheral: Bluetooth Virtual Serial Port
Full instruction manual: Manual.pdf
Software Screen Shot: View main Screen Shot