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BillRedirect Software Description
Inputs balance and scale data directly into any Windows application as if it was typed in using the user keyboard.
Support Serial port RS232 and USB scales. This software is also compatible with Microsoft Excel via VBA and DDE bidirectional communication with our free Excel Plugin. It can be configured to execute a Excel macro command for each weighing received. The weight can be sent to your application; automatically via a hotkey, via a button on the screen or when your application needs.

No programming or additional hardware required !

Features included
  • Support RS232 serial port scales
  • Display the weight in real-time on a virtual button.
  • Support mode; On demand, continuous, stable, polling, ask...
  • Support USB Scales: Pitney Bowes, Mettler Toledo, Fairbanks, X.J., Pelouze, CHARDER, DYMO, SANFORD, ELANE XM, Endicia, Elane Plus BT bluetooth, UNITED STATES POSTAL SCALES PS311 PS30USB 30-LB DIGITAL USB POSTAL SCALE, DIGITAL USB POSTAL SCALE, USB FAIRBANKS Ultegra series
  • Configuration protected by Password
  • Filter, Parse and format complex data with rules
  • Can remove specific ASCII characters
  • Sends weight to default or specific application
    (POS software, Excel, Word, MS Access or to your own customized software)
  • Control multiple scales models

The best scale and Balance solution software available !

BillRedirect software download (Trial): Bill_Scale_Redirect.ZIP
Quick Start Guide: Bill_Redirect_scale.pdf
** Step by step, How redirect a Balance or a Scale

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(Windows 98,Me,2000,3000,XP,NT4, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)

Full Version License: 35$ USD

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