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Description: Create a Telnet Server with Bill Redirect Software to manage multiple data acquisition WiFi terminals. Perfect to take your Physical Inventory Counting, data acquisition or shop floor data collection.

*** Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Mobile and Windows CE device or with any WiFi RF terminal Telnet compatible.

Bill Redirect software (Trial): Bill Redirect

IMPORTANT: You must use this documentation:
Step by step instruction: Telnet_Server_data_Acquisition.pdf

Click here for more documentation
(Windows 98,Me,2000,3000,XP,NT4, Vista, Win 7)

Full Version Software License only: 45$ CAD

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Wavelink© Telnet Client Terminal Emulation Supported Devices

Wavelink Universal
Avery Dennison (Paxar) 6039
CipherLab 9400 series
CipherLab 9500 series
Datalogic 315
Datalogic 325
Datalogic 335
Datalogic 345
Datalogic 4200
Datalogic 4620
Datalogic Elf
Datalogic Falcon 4400
Datalogic J Series
Datalogic Kyman
Datalogic Memor
Datalogic Pegaso
Datalogic R10/R12
Datalogic R7
Datalogic Rhino-NET
Datalogic Skorpio 2

Denso BHT700 1
Fujitsu iPad 4
Honeywell (HHP) 7400
Honeywell (HHP) 7600
Honeywell (HHP) 9500
Honeywell (HHP) 9900
Intermec 700 Color
Intermec CK3
Intermec CK30
Intermec CK31C
Intermec CK61
Intermec CN2A
Intermec CN2B
Intermec CN3
Intermec CN30
Intermec CV30
Intermec CV60
Janam XG100

Metrologic 5700
Motorola (Symbol) ES400
Motorola (Symbol) FR6000
Motorola (Symbol) FR68
Motorola (Symbol) HC700
Motorola (Symbol) LRT3800
Motorola (Symbol) MC1000
Motorola (Symbol) MC17
Motorola (Symbol) MC3000
Motorola (Symbol) MC3100
Motorola (Symbol) MC35
Motorola (Symbol) MC50
Motorola (Symbol) MC55
Motorola (Symbol) MC65

Motorola (Symbol) MC70
Motorola (Symbol) MC75
Motorola (Symbol) MC9000
Motorola (Symbol) MC9500
Motorola (Symbol) MK1100
Motorola (Symbol) MK1200
Motorola (Symbol) MK2000
Motorola (Symbol) MK2200
Motorola (Symbol) MK4000
Motorola (Symbol) MK500
Motorola (Symbol) MT2000
Motorola (Symbol) PDT3100
Motorola (Symbol) PDT3540
Motorola (Symbol) PDT6100
Motorola (Symbol) PDT6800
Motorola (Symbol) PDT7000
Motorola (Symbol) PDT7200
Motorola (Symbol) PDT7500
Motorola (Symbol) PDT8000
Motorola (Symbol) PDT8100
Motorola (Symbol) PPT2800

Motorola (Symbol) PPT8800
Motorola (Symbol) SPT1700
Motorola (Symbol) SPT1800
Motorola (Symbol) VC5000
Motorola (Symbol) VC6090
Motorola (Symbol) VRC3900
Motorola (Symbol) VRC4000
Motorola (Symbol) VRC6900
Motorola (Symbol) VRC7900
Motorola (Symbol) VRC8900
Motorola (Symbol) WSS1000
Motorola (Symbol) WT4000
Palm V
Psion-Teklogix 7525 Workabout Pro
Psion-Teklogix 7527 Workabout Pro 2
Psion-Teklogix 7535 G2
Psion-Teklogix 8525
Psion-Teklogix IKON
Speakeasy SpeakeasyCE
Speakeasy SpeakeasyWin
Telxon PTC960